We connect your employees through fresh and healthy food, because teams that eat together perform better together.

Kombo is a smart fridge with premium design and intuitive user experience daily stocked with a curated selection of fresh and healthy food from the best vendors in town, available immediately and 24/7.

The benefit that improves your workplace

Hey, office manager! 👋
At Kombo we want to make your life easier and help your teams go back to the office the easiest way. We are the fastest and most convenient food solution that saves time and money to your employees. Give an extra motivation while keeping expenses under control.

Don't wait! As fast as your fridge at home 👌

1. Open your Kombo

With the Kombo app or your employee badge, without having to select any product or pay anything in advance.

2 . Grab what you want

Everything you take is detected automatically and is added to the cart in real time. Not sure about it? Just put it back where you took it :)

3. Enjoy!

Shut the door and... ¡Kombo! The payment is automatic and you can check your purchase in the app.

No waiting, no hassle

Hungry? Open your Kombo, grab what you want and go. Forget about waiting for riders or having to order early in the morning.

Improve your company culture

Help your teams to eat healthier and together to boost team building and improve productivity.

Flexible and customizable

Define tailored subsidies per type of product, teams, days or even hours, and adapt it on the go.

Track expenses

Track consumption in real time and get a single invoice at the end of the month.

We handle everything

We just need 1m2 and a power outlet to provide the best canteen experience, with dedicated support 24h.

Sustainable canteen

Having a Kombo avoids daily deliveries reducing your carbon footprint. Also, we partner with local vendors that use 100% compostable packaging.

Our fans really love it 🫶

“I had never seen anything like Kombo: great technology, accessible, easy and very classy!"


Workplace Manager at Payfit

“Since we installed Kombo in the office our teams are delighted and I have saved myself a lot of headaches!"


Office Manager at Gartner

“Kombo is super convenient and now I can forget about what to eat in the office! Plus, all the food is gourmet, healthy and really tasty.”


“No need to think ahead of the lunch you want to get, there are plenty of healthy options and it's right next to you.”


“Kombo allows us to reach consumers in the most convenient way, we are delighted!"


Business Development at Nora Real Food

Get your Kombo

Offices, co-working spaces, hospitals or universities. Kombo is the food solution that you are looking for to improve the day-to-day of your teams the fastest and easiest way. Contact us to join.

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