How does it work?

1. Register in the Kombo app scanning the QR code of your Kombo smart fridge. If you don't want to download the app, you can still do it using the browser of your smartphone, but the app experience will be much better :)

2. Add a payment method: we accept most meal vouchers like Edenred, Sodexo, Cobee, UP! or Flexoh.

3. Scan the QR code of your Kombo and unlock the door. You don't have to select any product or pay anything in advance to open your Kombo.

‍4. Grab the products you want, everything you take is detected and you'll see that the products appear in the cart in real time. If you're not convinced, just put it back where you took it and the cart will be updated instantly.

5. Close the door and... Kombo! The payment of the products you've taken is processed automatically.

Do I have to pay for selecting the products before opening the smart fridge?

Not at all. What we love about Kombo is that you can open it to only check the offer, like your fridge at home. If nothing grabs your attention just close the door, and that's it.

How do you know the products I've taken?

Our Kombo's are equipped with real-time inventory monitoring technology.

Can I return a product?

Yes, as long as the door is still open and that you put it back where you took it.

Can I return a product once the door is closed?

Sorry, but unfortunately no. Once the door is closed, your user session has ended and we cannot guarantee that the product you return is in good condition for your colleagues. It is for your own safety! :)

What happen if I place an object inside the fridge?

I wouldn't do it! :) Kombo detects all external products and also knows which user has used it at any time. It will be considered as an inadequate use of your Kombo and may carry additional charges.


Mi cart has an error

Don’t panic! If there is any issue with your cart you just need to report the problem going to "My orders". Our team will review your case and find a solution asap.

What happens if I don't open the door after unlocking it?

Nothing, if after unlocking the door you don't open your Kombo within the next 5 seconds the door will be locked and your user session ended. Watch out, if you unlock the door and you leave before it is locked again, someone might open the smart fridge with your user session still active and grab some products. In this case, you'd pay for the products taken by this person.


Is it safe to add my credit/debit card?

For sure! Payments are handled securely through Stripe, a market leader in online payment processing.

How can I change my payment method?

Open the side menu in the app and go to "Payment methods" to add, edit and remove your payment methods.

When is the payment processed?

Payments are processed right after your purchase.

How can I apply a promotional code?

Open the side menu in the app and go to "Coupons" to add your code. Credits will be applied automatically in your next purchases.

Can I pay with meal vouchers like Ticket Restaurant?

Yes, as long as it is a credit/debit card.

Installation and management

What's inside a Kombo?

We manage a catalog of snacks, drinks and healthy and delicious meals from the best food vendors in town. Choose a first selection from our partner vendors and the offer will evolve dynamically according to the needs and preferences of your teams.

Is the offer always the same?

We renew our catalog periodically with seasonal products and new organic and local brands. If you fancy something new or want to change the offer, just talk to our team.

How do you manage the restocking?

We monitor the stock of your Kombo in real time so that you don't need to worry about anything. We restock every morning or several times per week depending on your consumption.

Who pays for the food? The company or the employee?

We handle both options. Users pay for the products they consume through the card added in the mobile app. HR managers, if you want to take care of your employees paying part of the food, you can define flexible and customized subsidies by teams, types of products, days of the week or even hours.